Two Districts in Jayapura Ready to Serve E-KTP Recording

Two Districts in Jayapura Ready to Serve E-KTP Recording

The Head of the Jayapura Regency Population and Civil Registry Office, Herald Berhitu said, during the COVID-19 epidemic, his office had prepared two districts in Jayapura District, namely Nimboran and Sentani District to be ready to serve e-KTP recording in each local district.

"Supporting facilities for population document services in these two districts are certainly ready," said the Herald Berhitu at Sentani, Monday (6/7).

He explained, currently only two of these districts had been confirmed to be serving e-KTP recording at the district level, this was also related to budget availability.

"From the results of the review, the two districts have prepared various facilities such as special buildings for e-KTP recording services. While related to the recording equipment will be sent to the two districts in the near future," he said.

In order to launch the program, according to Helrad, his party has also provided training for staff who will be tasked with serving e-KTP recording. Besides that, his party also continues to carry out e-KTP recording services on a mobile basis specifically for residents in remote areas.

"Almost all of our districts have trained special staff to do the recording. We hope that in the future there will be no more records here, unless urgent. At a distance we will also do mobile services too. Before the tools arrived there, "he explained.

He will also collaborate with the Ministry of Communication and Information to ensure the internet network needed in the e-KTP recording service is not experiencing problems.

"This also requires readiness. We must cooperate with Infokom, so that the internet network can run smoothly. When recording there, you can print directly there. We hope that Deed and KK can also be printed there, "he added.

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