TNI straightens the Hoaks by Showing Evidence

The regent of Nduga Regency who represented the family and community of Nduga Regency held a meeting with representatives of the 330th Infantry Task Force, representative of the Kodam and Kenyam Sector Police regarding the shooting of KKB members in the Nduga Regency area, on Sunday (07/19/2020).

Kapog Kogabwilhan Colonel Czi Gusti Nyoman said that based on the information we received, the meeting was aimed at rectifying untrue news that had circulated around the community.

"Where previously news has been circulating from Online Media and Social Media stating that the TNI had shot two civilians in the Nduga Regency area," Nyoman said.

"But when the meeting took place, the Baliem Dansector, Col. Inf Yusup and First Lieutenant, Azlan, as Danki-C, the Battalion Task Force PR 330, explained the chronology of the events and showed the available evidence. innocent people), "added Nyoman.

He explained, the death of the two KKSB members on Saturday (7/18) around 15:00 Wit. Where an ambush was carried out by the Task Force Team Pamtas Yonif PR 330 / TD against 2 KKSB group Egianus Kogoya in Kenyam.

The deterrence was carried out using SPR 1 AW weapons binoculars conducting a handover type of handgun transaction. The two KKSB members had joined a group of people who would cross the river from Tawelma toward Quari over the Genit village, then cross together with the community.

"After crossing the river the community was immediately picked up by a pickup truck heading to Kenyam, but the two KKSB people did not take the pickup truck," he explained.

The team, according to him, continued to monitor both of them until the shooting which ended with both of them dead, obtained evidence in the form of a Revolver pistol with the number S 896209 and other evidence.

"Evidence that has been secured from both of them is Revolver type pistol number S 896209 one shoot, soldier's cellphone that was confiscated by the perpetrators a month ago, two bags, machetes, axes and cash Rp. 9.520.000, -" he explained.

After receiving the results of proof and explanation from representatives of the Task Force Yonif PR 330 regarding the shooting victims who were part of the KSB group, the Regent of Nduga said that he would explain to the public that the victim was indeed part of the KSB group.

"I as the Regent who represents the people of Nduga Regency will explain to the community and the victims' families that the shot was part of the KSB and not innocent civilians," said the Regent.

"And I represent the community and also apologize to the TNI men on duty here, related to issues and untrue news developing in the community and accusations that the TNI has shot innocent people," the Regent added.

"Later I will talk to the community and straighten out untrue news so that the community is not provoked and accuses the TNI of shooting at innocent civilians," concluded the Regent.

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