TNI-Polri Ready to Guard National Development

The whole process of national development requires political stability and security. The role of the TNI, Polri and other elements of society is very important in overseeing the development process. Therefore, all TNI and Polri soldiers are ready to participate in guarding the development process.

"The Indonesian National Armed Forces and the National Police are Ready to Guard National Development Towards Advanced Indonesia," said Air Force Commander (Danseskoau) Marsda Samsul Rizal.

This is related to the medium-term development plan 2020-2024, which is to realize an independent, advanced, just and prosperous Indonesian society through accelerated development in various fields by emphasizing building a strong economic structure based on competitive advantage in various regions supported by human resources (HR ) quality and competitiveness.

Development of superior human resources is a joint task in creating a strong nation and a prosperous country. Because through superior, strong, and quality human resources both physically and mentally will have a positive impact not only on increasing the competitiveness and independence of the nation, but also in supporting national development in order to realize people's welfare.

In national development, said Danseskoau, conducive stability and state security is needed and this is a joint task to make it happen. Efforts to embody security stability must be supported by all components of the nation in order to maintain the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia towards developed Indonesia.

"This is where the role of Pasis Sesko TNI / Polri and Sesko Forces in enhancing the role of the TNI-Polri along with components of the nation to anticipate and deal with various threats and build initiatives to work closely together to maintain the unity of unity," said Marsda.

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