TMMD TNI Program Brings Many Changes to Villagers

TNI Manunggal Building Program (TMMD) 108th Kodim 1709 / Yawa with the main goal of building 13 housing units for residents of Kampung Natabui and Toweta able to bring development changes in the region.

Kodim 1709 / Yawa's 108th TMMD Program has now entered half way. Although the process is still ongoing, significant changes have begun to be seen in the remote areas of West Yapen, Yapen Islands Regency.

Residents' houses that used to be only houses on stilts using wood and boards, now thanks to the presence of TMMD in the Natabui and Toweta Villages, West Yapen District can be found permanent housing.

And it was all thanks to the collaboration between the Regional Government and the Army, in this case Kodim 1709 / Yawa, as well as the local community who helped to implement TMMD.

In addition to changing the face of Kampung Natabui and Toweta through development, the presence of the TMMD task force here was able to change the face of the local residents to be more cheerful, through the closer friendship between Satgas personnel and the community. So that the unity of the TNI and the People became stronger.

Marthinus Waiberi, a resident of Kampung Natabui who is also a recipient of TMMD housing assistance, claimed that he and all Natabui and Toweta residents were very grateful for the presence of the 108th TMMD from Kodim 1709 / Yawa.

"The presence of the TMMD task force with its various activities has been able to bring changes for the community to a better direction. Even our children are also happy and proud to be this close to the Military Fathers. We hope that this sense of brotherhood will continue to exist even though "TMMD will end in our village," he said.

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