The Trust of the Papuan People for Medical Treatment to the TNI

Community trust in the TNI encouraged them to seek medical treatment at the Pamrahwan Yonif Satgas post 754 / ENK / 20/3 Kostrad located in Baobado District, Deiyai ​​Regency, Papua.

Lt. Col. Dodi Nur Hidayat said that in the morning, six people came to the post to ask for help from the task force members. They are Aparuka village people who are in Mimika Regency, by traveling 4 hours by boat and on foot.

"In addition to getting food aid, the community also received treatment from members of the Task Force," he said, Wednesday (07/08/2020).

"Task Force members will always do their best to the community both those around us where we work or those who come all the way from where they live to ask for help to us," continued Dansatgas.

Lt. Col. Dodi Nur Hidayat added that as many as two people who were injured while carrying out their daily activities were immediately treated by Pratu Gianto as Takes Pos Transnabire.

"One of the people injured was hit by a spear that they used and has not been treated for a week," he said.

Meanwhile, Fredy (35), as a community member, said that he had indeed come to the Task Force post to take his friends to medical treatment and also asked for help with medicines.

"We traveled about 4 hours using a boat to come for treatment and also asked for help with medicines from the Task Force members for our family who were sick in our village," he said.

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