The presence of TNI-Polri in Papua to serve and protect the public

The Head of the Papua Police Public Relations Commissioner AM Kamal Pol confirmed that the presence of security forces (Polri-TNI) in Nduga Regency was to guarantee security and public order (Kamtibmas) not another matter.

The statement was made following an upload on one of the social media about the security crisis in Papua which highlighted President Joko Widodo's instructions ordering the TNI and Polri to hunt down armed pro-independence rebels.

"Allegations which say that the TNI and Polri apparatus are the cause of the source of violence in Nduga Regency are not true. The presence of TNI and Polri officers in Nduga Regency is to guarantee and ensure security in the area," he said.

Head of Public Relations pointed out the problem that began in late 2018. There are 17 PT Istaka Karya employees who died as a result of the KKB massacre, while four other people are still missing or have not been found until now.

"This then becomes a joint attention, especially since it has not been revealed until now so that the presence of both the military and police are needed to carry out law enforcement in Nduga Regency," he said.

Regarding the PT Istaka Karya incident, continued Kamal, there is a policy for law enforcement to pursue the perpetrators.

"Yesterday, the Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security, the Minister of Home Affairs and the Deputy Chief of the National Police and the Indonesian Army Chief of Staff came to Papua. The Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs requested that law enforcement in Papua remain the control of the Papua Regional Police Chief and his Deputy was the XVII / Cenderawasih Regional Military Commander," he said.

Meanwhile, if it is related to reporting the presence of refugees due to the presence of non-organic troops it is not true. The Papua Regional Police ensured that as long as there were still groups disturbing the Kamtibmas in the Papua Regional Police, law enforcement efforts would continue. It was for the sake of security and order in Nduga Regency.

However, according to him, this matter was deliberately politicized by irresponsible people who wanted the withdrawal of officers from Nduga Regency.

"Therefore, the security forces will not tolerate and will take firm action if there are groups who use firearms to carry out acts of crime that have been troubling citizens so far," he concluded.

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