The National Police Collaborate with the Volunteer Team to Teach Clean and Healthy Lifestyle to Papuan Children

The Republic of Indonesia National Police Through the National Police Bin Laden Together with Papuan Child Health Care sympathizers Carry out Health Education To Papuan Children in the Old Kwamki Reading Park on Saturday (07/25/2020).

Improving Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS) during the pandemic towards the Papuan Generation, the National Police Binmas Noken together with sympathizers of the Papua Children's Health Concern conducted a visit to Papuan Children to provide Health Education.

This educational activity wherein the National Police Noken Binmas and Sympathizers Care for the Health of Papuan Children by teaching them how to wash their hands and use the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the form of masks and how to brush their teeth.

Kadek Maretha, one of the Papua Child Health Sympathizers, said that this activity was very important in order to foster early on Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS) especially during this pandemic.

"We are not a community but our own initiative from some friends who care about health in Papua. It so happens that I made the idea during this pandemic so that we introduce Papuan children early on how to get used to living healthy early on" 'he said.

"We also together with the National Police Binmas Noken taught them how to wash hands and wear masks that are good and right according to the health protocol" he continued.

He highly appreciates the Noken Binmas Polri which can work together through their program namely (Pi Piar Teaching). To provide various education in order to assist the Government in educating Papua's next generation better.

"Thank you Binmas Noken Polri, our hope is that the activities of Binmas Noken Polri continue to run. And this is very good for fostering Papuan children to familiarize themselves early to be able to build a Clean and Healthy Life Behavior," said Maretha.

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