Task Force Yonif 300 / BJW Gives School Uniforms to Papuan Border Students

As a form of concern in advancing and improving the quality of students in the border area of ​​Papua, the Task Force Infantry Raider Battalion 300 / Raider Brajawijaya (Infantry Battalion 300 / Raider BJW) provides school uniforms and sports equipment for Yabanda Elementary School students.

Dansatgas Pamtas Yonif R 300 / Bjw, Lt. Col. Inf Ary Sutrisno in his release in Keerom Regency, Papua, Tuesday (07/14/2020), explained the assistance to students of Yabanda Inpres Elementary School in Yaffi District, carried out by Pos Yabanda personnel, led Letda Inf Asep Nana as a form of concern in helping the government improve the quality of students.

"The assistance provided is in the form of 20 pairs of elementary school uniforms and 20 pairs of shoes. In addition we (Task Force) also provide sports equipment to improve student skills, "he said.

With the help of school uniforms and equipment, as well as sports equipment, Ary Sutrisno hopes that he will be able to motivate and encourage students at SD Inpres Yabanda to study diligently.

"With this hope they are even more enthusiastic in learning, so that an intelligent generation will be built as the nation's future successors," he said.

"Hopefully it can help and be useful for students and school parties here," Ary added.

Musa (45 years old), one of Yabanda Inpres Elementary Teachers, appreciated and thanked him for the care of the Infantry Battalion Unit R 300 / BJW towards students in his school.

"I am very grateful for the assistance provided, this is very beneficial for our schools and students, and also very helpful in easing the burden on their parents," he said.

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