Spur Economic Growth of Local Citizens By Empowering Processed Chocolate

The Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan, along with the head of West Papua Bank Indonesia (BI) representative, Joko Sapratikto, in Ransiki, South Manokwari regency carried out a series of activities to hand over chocolate processing equipment machines and the inauguration of a chocolate production house managed by the Eiber Suth Cokran Ransiki Cooperative.

Governor Dominggus Mandacan, said the Eiber Suth Cokran cooperative, could spur the economic growth of local residents in Ransiki to move forward in the development of cocoa plantations in the area.

"Through the Eiber Suth Cokran cooperative, it will have a positive impact on the economic growth of the workers involved in the cooperative, as well as its domino effect on workers in the Ransiki kakako plantation managed with local wisdom," Mandacan said, Friday (24/7/2020).

Mandacan also thanked Bank Indonesia (BI) representatives of West Papua in maintaining regional investment through various mentoring activities, one of which was to the Eiber Suth Cokran cooperative in Ransiki Mansel.

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