Special Autonomy Policy Provides Rapid Progress for Papua

The special autonomy policy for the Provinces of Papua and West Papua is considered to provide major progress for the development of infrastructure and human resources throughout the land of Papua.

Senior Papuan government figure Michael Manufandu said that the Special Autonomy policy by the Indonesian government made great progress for the land of Papua.

According to him, the Special Autonomy policy in the development of education and health infrastructure in Papua developed. Even the authority to regulate the budget and the government is given to indigenous Papuans.

"With the policy of law number 21 of 2001 regarding Special Autonomy of Schools, Puskesmas, and even Hospitals built throughout Papua. Even Papuan children are given the opportunity to go abroad and become officials in all government institutions," he said.

Therefore, he added that there was no reason to say that the land of Papua did not develop forward within the framework of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

Meanwhile Deputy State Minister of Communication and Information Agency Wawan Hari Purwanto, who gave a separate statement, said that the special autonomy of Papua had made great progress for the people of Papua.

He explained that so far development in Papua is still "on the track" through accelerating development in the economic, education, infrastructure and other sectors so that Papua and West Papua will soon become regions that are developed parallel to other provinces in Indonesia.

With the preparation of the National Sports Week (PON) for example, the government built world-class venues. The construction of infrastructure, electricity, clean water, logistics through the air bridge and the one-price Fuel Oil (BBM) policy are a manifestation of the accelerated development that is now taking place in Papua.

"The government always encourages accelerated development in Papua. We often go to Bappenas to prioritize development programs in Papua. Now the results have begun to be seen," he said.

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