South Kalimantan PSTI Prepares Takraw Athletes Since January 2020

Two South Kalimantan takals athletes (South Kalimantan), made it to the XX National Sports Week (PON) Papua.

The Research and Development Talent Guide of the South Takraw Indonesian Association (PSTI) of South Kalimantan, Endik Panjaitan S.Pd, confirmed this.

"The two athletes are Angga from Banjar Regency and Khairul from Kotabaru Regency," he said, Saturday (07/11/2020).

In order to face PON, the two South Kalimantan athletes have already done training. But unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to train together due to the situation which is still a Covid-19 pandemic.

"Preparation has been carried out independently since January 2020, before the Covid-19 pandemic," Endik said.

Although they cannot practice together, according to him, the two athletes are always monitored. Each athlete, was asked to send their own training videos.

The training programs undertaken by athletes, including focused on individual skills, physical and also important to maintain endurance, because with good endurance, then calm will be obtained.

"Calmness and focus is needed when receiving hard balls and smashing," he said.

According to him, calmness is also needed in making bait and service punches, so that is why calmness needs to be trained to improve the endurance of an athlete.

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