Rice and Sugar Stock in Manokwari Aman

Head of Manokwari State Logistics Agency, Firman Mando said that his party had prepared 300 tons of rice stock and 18 tons of sugar stock.

The stock inventory is to support the needs of the Manokwari community if there is another request from the Manokwari Regency Government for phase III.

Other supplies are also still available and safe for the next three months. Despite the co-19 pandemic, for the shipment from Surabaya to Manokwari said Firman had no problems.

"Manokwari Regional Government's second request has been completed we serve and for Phase III we are still waiting for requests from the local government, we have prepared the stock, for the next stage with premium rice types," Firman said, Thursday (07/16/20).

Until now, we at Manokwari State Logistics Agency (Bulog) serving requests from the Manokwari Government are only two types of commodities, namely rice and sugar, he said.

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