PWI Distributes Masks as a Form of Concern for the Distribution of Covid-19

Papuan Association of Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) distributed masks to journalists and mass media employees in Jayapura City as a form of concern to break the chain of distribution of COVID-19.

Acting Secretary of the Papua Province PWI Secretary Hans Bisay in Jayapura said, the distribution of the mask was not only for journalists and mass media employees, but also for public transport drivers and traders in Papua.

"This activity is one of the Central PWI programs in collaboration with PT Gajah Tunggal Group, which distributes 50 thousand masks to members of the press and the general public, where PWI Papua gets a share of 1,000 masks and has been distributed to media friends and Papuan mama traders. and public transport drivers in Jayapura City, "he said.

PWI also socializes the use of masks well to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, where its use is a necessity. He also appealed to the public to always comply with health protocols to prevent transmission of the virus.

"Thank you to PWI Pusat and PT Gajah Tunggal Group, who have helped mask to be distributed to the press colleagues and the community in the city of Jayapura," he said accompanied by PWI Papuan management Lamberth Palaklely and Riqueen Edwin Senduk.

He expects the COVID-19 pandemic to end soon. He also stated the importance of community discipline to support joint efforts to break the chain of the spread of the dangerous virus.

"Aside from Jayapura City, this mask aid was also distributed to friends of the press who were in Jayawijaya, Mimika, Biak and Nabire Regencies," he said.

He added that handling corona virus spread is not only the responsibility of health workers, but the attention of all elements of society, including journalists.

Acting Head of the Bureau of LKBN BETWEEN Papua Muhsidin expressed his gratitude for the mask assistance provided by PWI.

"We hope that this mask assistance can reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure while carrying out journalistic tasks, both in the field and in the office," he said.

The distribution of masks for traders in Papua and public transport drivers is centered at Mama Papua Market and Jayapura Mall. The Papuan mothers who received the masks expressed their appreciation to PWI and PT Gajah Tunggal for the assistance.

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