Papuans Want Evaluation of Open and Comprehensive Special Autonomy

The Papuan People's Assembly or MRP clarifies news or videos circulating about people's rejection of the activities of the MRP Working Group (Pokja) in Keerom, Sarmi, Kota and Jayapura Districts.

"I want to clarify the news or video that circulated the community's rejection during the MRP work visit to three districts (and one city) namely Keerom, Sarmi, Jayapura and Jayapura City," MRP Chair Timotius Murib told reporters on Friday (24 / 7/2020).

After learning the motives for the rejection, the MRP realized that the community had a plausible reason. People do not accept MRP activities without notification.

"I don't think they reject the MRP. They have not yet heard of the MRP conducting an RDP (hearing hearing). "There has been no explanation yet and then offered it with a questionnaire, of course everyone will question it," he said.

The purpose of the indigenous community is clear. The people there want a process of evaluating Papua's special autonomy that is open and comprehensive by involving all components of the indigenous Papuan community.

"The rejection was spontaneous. The people do not want to evaluate secretly. The way they are less open is what they don't want, I think like that, "he said.

Therefore, the MRP will seek an open and comprehensive evaluation process for Papua's special autonomy.

"MRP wants evaluations to be open, all components must be involved, giving opinions about 20 years of the implementation of Papua's special autonomy," he added.

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