Papuans Get Houses From the Government Through TMMD TNI's Program to Build Villages

Implementation of the 108th TMMD Kodim 1709 / Yawa targeting non-physical programs and physical development, has built as many as 13 housing units in Natabui Village and Toweta Village in West Yapen District, Yapen Islands Regency.

Residents of Natabui and Toweta Villages of West Yapen District admit that the TNI Manunggal Building program for the Kodim 1709 / Yawa Village really touched the community's needs, because by carrying out these activities residents could have healthy and livable homes.

"I represent the villagers to express their thanks and gratitude to the Yapen Islands District Government and the 1709 / Yawa Military District Military Command through TMMD for housing assistance for Natabui and Toweta residents," said Kampung Toweta Leonard Wayor in response to the construction of the 108th TMMD house in Serui Yapen Islands.

Leonard revealed that the presence of TMMD from Kodim 1709 / Yawa was the first time there was a permanent development in Kampung Toweta.

Of the total 13 housing units built by TMMD, 10 are built in Natabui and three houses in Toweta Village.

Leonard thanked God for the help he received from the government through the TMMD program.

"We also cannot provide anything but help and prayers, may God bless the TMMD Task Force members who have worked to build houses for the villagers," Leonard hoped.

He admitted that he was very grateful for the assistance of houses for the villagers because they were coveted by the community for decades.

The three houses that were built permanently in Kampung Toweta, he continued, were the real work of assistance from the TNI who assisted the people in Kampung Toweta.

"We do not give anything to the TNI officers who carry out TMMD, may God bless especially the task force members who work to help build citizens' homes," Leonard said.

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