Minister of Home Affairs Asks Regional Heads to Distribute Masks

The Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Tito Karnavian invited the regional heads to make a massive distribution of masks, considering the discipline of applying health protocols was very important to prevent exposure to COVID-19.

"Health protocols such as using masks, washing hands, keeping a distance, avoiding social crowds or avoiding gathering and chatting at close range, must be familiarized in various sectors of life, including in the implementation of regional head elections that will be held in December 2020," said Tito.

According to Tito, the health protocol is the key to the success of the elections in the midst of a pandemic, because it is very important for the KPU staff to give directions at the polling station (TPS) later on the importance of using masks.

"The use of masks is very, very important, if there are positive voters the officers do not take risks, use the astronaut's clothes, so that they do not penetrate at all, use a mask if possible N95 if there is no surgical mask but must be the same face shield," he said.

He explained that he warned that the use of masks should not only be socialized, but implemented where socialization must involve many parties, such as in Papua for example, socialization can be done through traditional channels, mass organizations and government structures.

"All must move so that the people wear masks, but in stages of socialization, there are even areas that make regulations with sanctions, but not sanctions imprisonment, fines may be allowed, social fines," he said.

He added that he hoped that the masks could be distributed to the public as much as the population, even if someone initiated it, he would come directly to launch the mask distribution movement.

"This new normal life does not only apply to economic life but also applies to political life, so this year's elections must be followed by a health protocol, one of which is obliged to use masks for organizers, supervisors, and later voters at the time of voting, also must prepare there where washing hands with soap, others using hand sanitizers are obliged to pocket hand sanitizers, so the KPU must make these regulations if there is still no revision, then keep the mandatory distance at polling stations, all must be made, "he concluded.

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