Merauke Regency Hospital Specializes in Handling Covid-19 Patients

The Merauke Regency Government, Papua Province separates COVID-19 patient care centers and general patients who are undergoing treatment at the local Regional General Hospital (RSUD).

Spokesperson of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19 Merauke Dr. Nevile Muskita when contacted in Merauke on Sunday said COVID-19 patients and general patients were not combined in one hospital.

"From the beginning when there was COVID-19, we specialized in Merauke Regional Hospital for COVID treatment, while our general patients were diverted at AL and Bunda Harapan Hospital," he said.

The Secretary of the Merauke Health Office also ensured personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical personnel was highly available.

"In both hospitals, personal protective equipment (PPE) is also available. If there is a change, we help or supply it," he said.

With one hospital focused on treating COVID-19 patients, he said, medical staff there could also be more focused and avoid the deadly virus.

"So I see cases in some places that are pity, they should have focused from the beginning, not all hospitals handle COVID, eventually all medical personnel were hit," he said.

The latest data on COVID patients in Merauke are two people who underwent treatment at the local hospital. "The latest data are two people. The child has been discharged, now only one remains," Nevile Muskita said.

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