Maintaining Food Security, TNI Opens Sleep Land

Bhabinkamtibmas Rawa Biru village, Bripka Lutfi together with Babinsa and residents worked together to open up unused land to plant crops to improve food security in the Sota region, the RI-PNG border.

In the activity, Babinsa Serda Bernhard Awak and Bripka Lutfi mobilized every citizen to work together to clean the sleeping land in the village to plant useful plants later.

On the occasion, Bripka Lutfi said that the 3 pillars in Rawa Biru village always synergized in village activities, one of which discussed the plans to open land for food security to face Covid-19.

"This land is planted with kumbili and taro which become staple food and have become traditional food," he explained.

Bhabinkamtibmas also took the initiative to insert vegetable crops in the land.

"Considering that our community has not implemented OAP or this is a new thing that has not been done so we are trying to develop their mainset that consumption of vegetables is also necessary for health," he continued.

Do not forget also, it invites people to live healthy, often wash their hands, always wear a mask when on the move outside the home.

"It's all for the sake of breaking the chain of the spread of Covid-19 and for the safety of self, family and society," he concluded.

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