Mahfud MD: TNI and Polri Don't Violate Human Rights in Papua

The Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD asked all parties serving in Papua not to be easily provoked to cause the TNI and Polri to take excessive settlement steps that could be considered to violate Human Rights (HAM).

That was said by Mahfud in a coordination meeting with the Task Force (Task Force) of the TNI, the National Police and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) in Papua, Wednesday (7/22). He said that all problems must be resolved according to the proper legal principles.

"Do not be provoked into actions that can be judged as violating human rights. We will guard this country wholeheartedly, and not be provoked by other parties," Mahfud said.

He admitted that he realized that the tasks of the TNI and Polri in Papua were now getting tougher. The duty of the TNI and Polri, he said, was not only to secure the Republic of Indonesia, especially in conflict-prone areas. The authorities were also mandated to participate in the resolution of the Covid-19 outbreak.

However, Mahfud requested that the main tasks related to state security must be carried out properly.

"Don't let it happen because we focus on handling covid then other tasks are ignored. Especially in Papua, we must remain alert to carry out security so that there will not be any security breach that threatens our integration," Mahfud said.

The situation in Papua to date has not been fully conducive. In a number of areas conflicts still occur between the security forces and the Armed Criminal Groups or the Free Papua Organization.

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