Lanny Jaya Regent Supports the Providing of Incentives to Covid-19 Medical Handlers

The Director of Tiom Hospital, Dr. Nataniel Hadi, said that the Lanny Jaya Regent had expressed his support for the plan to provide incentives for health workers, especially those serving COVID-19 patients at the local hospital.

Nataniel, when interviewed from Jayapura, said that his party also expressed his gratitude that there was a Minister of Health's decision regarding payment of incentives for health workers in all regions in Indonesia, including in Lanny Jaya.

He said Lanny Jaya also received an incentive for health workers to treat COVID-19 patients but the number was unknown and until now it had not been received.

"We do not yet know the amount of the budget for incentives for health workers, but clearly we have gotten information that health workers in all districts will receive incentives from the central government," he said.

Incentives for health workers in each district will be released soon, but the amount will vary. "We are grateful, because the central government has paid attention to that, which is related to incentives for health workers," he said.

He said that the Regent was very supportive of hospital services so that his party had absolutely no problems with the budget.

"All of the budget is sufficient for Services and also for Honor Service Officers. I even said that our equipment and budget supplies are available until December," he said.

Regarding Nakes Incentives, according to the director of RSUD Lanny Jaya, convey that there are also Incentives that will be given by the Ministry of Health, but the incentives from the Ministry of Health have not yet been received, if the Regional Government had given salaries from the Regent since last week.

"So if the news of the Nakes Incentive incentive in Lanny Jaya has not been paid, it is absolutely untrue. Please load my clarification in the new news, and I request that the old news be deleted," he said.

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