Iwaka District Head: Distribution of BLT Seven Villages Has Been Realized

Distribution of Village Fund Cash Assistance Direct (BLT-DD) in the seven villages of the Iwaka District region has been realized, running smoothly, safely and controlled without any protest from residents. Seven villages consist of, two Kampung Pigapu and Iwaka (the original village), another trans village.

As stated by Wens Mitoro, Iwaka District Head while at the flood victims relief post in Iwaka District, Wednesday (7/15).

He said the total BLT received by seven villages in the Iwaka District was more than Rp8 billion, because one village received Rp. 1 billion more. The use of DD was diverted for BLT Covid-19.

Every Head of Family (KK) gets a DD BLT of Rp 600 thousand for three months. Residents immediately received the BLT in their respective villages.

"Indeed, at that time our residents really needed BLT, because with the social restrictions imposed by the District Government, it made the activities of the citizens narrow. So, with the BLT, the residents are quite helped, "he concluded.

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