Grobogan Regional Police Hand in Hand With Papuan Students Distributes Basic Food Assistance

Grobogan Police Satlantas invited Grobogan students from Papua to take part in the Social Service activities. There were 6 students who participated in the activity.

They and the Policewomen walked down the village road and the small alley to reach the homes of the beneficiary residents. Besides that, they also go down to the houses of residents who are in remote areas or alleys that have been difficult to reach, so that citizens do not need to congregate

Using a bicycle, the Polbogan Police Satlantas Polres and Papuan students delivered the basic needs assistance to the homes of underprivileged residents who were affected by Covid -19. In addition to helping Sembako, the policemen also distributed masks and attached appeals to adhere to government directives at residents' homes.

"While exercising with the Grobogan student siblings from Papua, we distribute groceries to residents affected by Covid 19," said Iptu Umbarwati Kanit Dikyasa.

Meanwhile, one Papuan student, Yermika Tamunete, said that he and his friends were happy to be able to join the Policewomen to distribute food to co-affected residents and at the same time exercise together.

"We are very happy together with the women policewomen distributing groceries to poor people," said Yermika.

This brings the message that Grobogan students from Papua care about Covid 19 and are comfortable studying at Grobogan.

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