Flood Victims in Iwaka District Get Help from Mimika Regional Police

Mimika Kapoles AKBP I Gusti Gde Era Adhinata, SIK accompanied by Officers and also Chairman of Bhayangkari Mrs. Ny. Metta Era Adhinata together with dozens of Polri and Polwan personnel in order to provide social assistance to flood-affected residents in Iwaka District.

On that occasion the Mimika Police Chief AKBP I Gusti Gde Era Adhinata, SIK said, We are here to directly observe the situation here and we will provide a little help to the people affected by the flood.

"We first attended with policewomen and we will be present again. We will invite the interested parties to help the community with the creation of temporary access roads, "said Chief of Police, Thursday (07/30/2020).

The police chief also appealed to be careful and maintain the security of each and the environment related to the situation of rainfall in the Mimika Regency is quite high and appealed to people who want to pass the access road delivered properly.

Furthermore, the symbolic handover of basic food items by the Mimika Police Chief with Bhayangkari Chair was received by the Iwaka District Chief, Alosius Awiyuta and witnessed by local residents.

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