Five KKB Members Have Returned to the Right Path, Namely NKRI

Kapog Kogabwilhan III Col. Czi Gusti Nyoman Suriastawa, confirmed the existence of 5 members of armed criminal groups (KKB) who surrendered to the security forces in Bruwa District, Papua, Wednesday (7/22/2020).

Through his official release on Thursday (7/23/2020), Nyoman said, the five members of the KKB Purom group Okiman Wenda also stated that they joined the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

"The five DPOs also agreed to rejoin the Republic of Indonesia," he said.

Nyoman said, the five KKB members who surrendered were, Vandem Wonda, Dekiron Tabuni, Ibetius Tabuni, Terkis Tabuni or Yuborak Telenggan and Delis.

According to Nyoman, the five men had been monitored by the Satpas Pamtas Stork Mobile Team YPR 305 / Skull who patrolled.

At that time, Letda Inf Reza CP together with Sertu Rudyan, immediately tracked information related to these 5 people. They were then detected around the village of Wame in Bruwa District.

Officials finally received information from Honai Village Head Wame Eli Wenda that the five people were members of the KKB and were on the DPO list.

After being visited and questioned, the five said they wanted to surrender and join the Republic of Indonesia again.

"The Head of Wame Village confirmed that the five people were members of the POW-led KKB found in the DPO, and then the village head and community leaders accompanied by the Task Force came to the five suspected people," Nyoman said.

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