Dozens of Candidates for Police Academy Youth from Papua Take Academic Tests

A total of 30 prospective cadets of the Police Academy in the Papua Regional Police Committee took an academic test including general knowledge and national insight subjects at the Jayapura 2 High School Building, Papua, on Saturday morning.

Papua Regional Police Head of Public Relations, Police Commissioner AM Kamal, in Jayapura said the academic test was held since Friday which was attended by a number of Papuan Regional Police leaders, including the Head of the Papua Regional Police HR Bureau, Aris Harianto, as chairman of the Papua Regional Police Committee.

The selection was also attended by an external supervisor from the Papua National Commission on Human Rights, Yorgen Numberi. According to him, the number of prospective cadets who took the academic test was 30 participants consisting of 29 men and one woman.

"Before the academy exam is conducted, cadets and cadets of the Police Academy must maintain the health protocol by washing their hands and measuring body temperature," he said, Friday (07/17).

He explained, the participants took the general knowledge academic examination test and national insight subjects, then on Saturday morning they took a 180 minute math and Indonesian exam.

"Academic testing of cadets and cadets from the 2020 TA Police Academy is supervised directly by the internal supervisors of Itwasda and Propam Papua Regional Police and also from external supervisors from the Komnas Ham Province of Papua," he said.

At the end of the activity continued with the signing of the final results of each participant candidate in the 2020 TA Police Academy cadets.

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