Dissemination of the Papua Police Regional Health Protocol

The Papua Regional Police has held an apple activity in the context of the readiness of the Patrol and Appeal to the people of Jayapura City, especially in the District of Jayapura, related to the Health Protocol.

The Apple activities were led directly by Wadansat Brimob Papua Regional Police AKBP Soeroso, which was followed by approximately 76 Persoanil of the Papua Regional Police Association.

On this occasion, AKBP Soeroso conveyed to all personnel that they would not cease to give thanks for the breath of life that Allah SWT still gave to us all.

In our patrol and appeal this afternoon we will start from PTC Field, in front of Jayapura 4 High School, Passing Skylen, Ring Road, Holtekamp Bridge, Hamadi Beach, Tasangka, Bucen II Entrop.

It is expected that all personnel remain enthusiastic in carrying out their duties and always provide appeals to the community in a friendly and polite manner so that the community can understand well.

We continue to cheer on the people to always obey government regulations by washing hands, keeping a distance, always wearing masks and not gathering in peace.

Furthermore patrol and appeal activities are carried out in accordance with the specified route.

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