Adaptation of New Habits in the Middle of COVID-19

Jayawijaya Regional Police remind residents around Wamena City, the capital of Jayawijaya Regency to adapt to new habits in the middle of the COVID-19 corona.

Appeals were conveyed through Jayawijaya Regional Police Samapta Unit personnel who invited the community to always wear masks, and not gather to prevent the spread of corona.

Kasat Samapta Jayawijaya Regional Police AKP Suyatno said, the local police were intensively conducting patrols and appeals, so that the public would obey the government's recommendations related to the implementation of the health protocol.

"We continue to assist the government in deciding the spread of corona. Hopefully with the appeal that is carried out every day, people increasingly understand and do not underestimate the corona virus," he said.

In the socialization of the health protocol, the Jayawijaya Regional Police delivered an appeal on the market and community centers, as well as on a number of protocol roads in Wamena.

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