Accelerate City Without Slum Labor-intensive Program

The slumless city program (Kotaku) is one of the strategic efforts of the Directorate General of Human Settlements at the Ministry of Public Works.

This program is to accelerate the handling of slums in Indonesia and support the "100-0-100" movement, which is 100 percent universal access to drinking water, O percent of slums and 100 percent access to proper sanitation.

"The Kotaku Program will deal with slums by building collaboration platforms through increasing the role of local government and community participation," Head of West Papua Regional Settlement Infrastructure (BPPW), Marsudi told a number of journalists, after laying the groundbreaking of the Kotaku program, Tuesday, July 14, 2020.

The Kotaku program in West Papua Province is implemented in 3 cities / districts, namely in Sorong City, Kaimana and Manokwari Districts, with a total target of 42 villages.

"For Manokwari, the location of the assistance is 10 villages / villages which are all scattered in West Manokwari District," he said.

The Kotaku program in Manokwari, based on slum decrees (SK) determined by the Manokwari District Head in 2019. Slum settlements in the target location of the Kotaku program are 166.81 hectares.

Slum area spread across 10 villages is handled by various interventions involving multi-sector and multi-actors.

The labor intensive activities of the Kotaku program are sourced from APBN funding. Specifically Manokwari Regency this year, there are 2 villages that receive BPM funds (government assistance for the community).

For labor-intensive programs, namely Padarni and Sanggeng, with each village worth Rp1 billion, disbursed in two stages, first 70 percent or Rp700 million and the second phase 30 percent or Rp300 million.

"Hopefully the labor-intensive program will run more smoothly and without obstacles, according to the direction of President Joko Widodo, able to create opportunities for the people affected by Covid-19 to obtain economic income," he explained.

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