Abepura Regional Hospital Changed its Function to Hospital COVID-19

Abepura Regional Hospital Changed its Function to Hospital COVID-19

The Provincial Government (Pemprov) of Papua has decided to change the function of the Abepura Regional Hospital into a special hospital for Covid-19.

Deputy Governor of Papua Klemen Tinal explained, if the Covid-19 pandemic was over, his party had decided that the Abepura Regional Hospital would change its function to become a special hospital for Orang Asli Papua (OAP), because the province was running Otsus.

"So there must be evidence for services closer to the OAP," he said.

It was said, it also encouraged Jayapura City Government, which planned to build Jayapura City Hospital in Muara Tami, so that it could also handle OAP patients.

In addition, explained the Deputy Governor, his party was also building a hospital in Biak, specifically to deal with pandemic diseases.

"So that in the future when it is finished all of this will be directed to Biak," said the Deputy Governor.

For information, until 4 July 2020 the cumulative number of covid-19 patients in Papua numbered 1937 people who underwent 991 treatments, recovered 926 and died 20 people.

Most cases of co-19 in Jayapura City were 1088 cases treated 762, recovered 311 and died 13 people.

Most of the recovery of covid-19 patients in Mimika Regency, as many as 336 people who underwent 64 treatments and died 6 people. While the cumulative number reached 406 cases.

Other districts with the highest number of co-19 cases were Jayapura District, reaching 199 patients, undergoing 96 treatments and recovering 103, which killed 1 person.

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