7 Large Skanto District, Keerom District Supports Extension of Special Autonomy Volume 2

Support for Special Autonomy (Otsus) volume II continues to flow in Papua. After the traditional leaders in Keerom Regency, similar support was also given by the Wie and Khaya War Chiefs who were in charge of the 7 Big Skanto Districts, Keerom District.

Support was delivered directly by Herman Albert Tuaibigy Yoku after the inauguration procession as Chief of the Great Tribe of the Wie and Khaya War at the Skanto Village Traditional Hall, two days ago or to be exact on Tuesday (07/28/2020).

In Otsus Volume II, according to Herman, the political rights of Papuans must be put forward. For example, the Village Head, District Head, Regent, Deputy Regent, Mayor, Deputy Mayor must be equated with Law Number 21 attached to the Governor and Deputy Governor of the Province of Papua must be a native of Papua.

Not only that, the regulations in Otsus also need to be changed, the political rights of the Papuans are returned to become masters on their own land. Then, the special autonomy funds must also be given directly to the people of Papua through the accounts of each recipient.

"Open an account, love (ATM) card, because the people want to receive Otsus funds directly at the bank, then the suffering of the people who have been demanding independence," said Herman, who declared himself the grandson of Mikayak War Chief, Anken Kugibihi.

Herman feels sad because so far the special autonomy fund has not been enjoyed by the people. For example, free treatment for the community at the hospital was not implemented. Likewise education which according to him is not free.

"Our community goes to the hospital, the doctor's prescription is paid, where is the special autonomy medicine? the following he brought a school child, there is education funding from Otsus, even asked to be paid. People's economy, he went to the Bank, the Bank said there was a certificate guarantee, "he said.

Herman who claimed to be the perpetrator of the division of Keerom Regency said that he would reorganize Keerom so that development could be distributed evenly and could be enjoyed by the community.

"I want to return Keerom Regency to become a Regency so that the range of government work can be carried out for community development, because my community has been the victim of 50 years of the struggle for Free Papua based in Skotyaho," he said.

He hoped leaders from the regent, deputy regent to the DPRD could work with care to develop Keerom Regency.

"My district is on the border, today there is a lot of money because of two countries, the central government is pouring a lot of money, but people are greedy and I have to be angry, because my goal is to expand Keerom Regency for the welfare of my community," he concluded.

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