33 Papuan Police Academy Participants Meet Psychologist Test Requirements

As many as 33 out of 70 participants of the Akpol cadet candidates in the Papua regional committee (Panda) were declared eligible in the announcement of a psychological examination held in the Elsama Numberi Hall of the Papua Regional Police Office in Jayapura City, Friday morning.

Head of Psychology Division of the Papua Police Regional Police AKBP Penri Erison said that of the 70 participants or prospective cadets of the Police Academy, 33 of them were declared to be eligible, consisting of 31 men and two women.

"While 37 people were not eligible, consisting of 31 men and six women," he said in Jayapura City.

According to him, the announcement of a psychological examination and correction of the integrated reception of the TA 2020 Panda Papua cadets were attended and witnessed by
Karo HR Papua Police Commissioner Aris Haryanto, Katim Psychology Commissioner Police Totok Triwibowo, and external supervisors from the Merlin Titahena Himpsi and internal supervisors of Propam and Itwasda Papua Regional Police.

"The psychology examination of the Akpol cadets was held on Thursday (09/07) and today it is continued by hearing the results of the implementation of the activities," he said.

To the Akpol cadet candidates who passed the psychological stage, he said, immediately prepare themselves for the next to take part in the Physical Symposium scheduled for Monday next week.

"Those who pass the psychological examination at this time do not be too happy because in the future there are still other tests that will be carried out, keep healthy and continue to learn to take the next test phase," he said.

While those who have not passed, AKBP Penri said that they must be encouraged and prepare themselves to take the test the following year.

"If this year we have not been successful in selection, maybe the success will be in the following year because success does not have to be now, but we must prepare ourselves," he said.

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