28 Regencies in Papua The Plan Will Be Adaptation of New Habits by the Provincial Government

The Provincial Government of Papua plans to adapt new customs in 28 districts, except in Jayapura City. This is because the city of Jayapura still has the highest positive number of corona which is spread to the villages and villages. Deputy Governor of Papua, Klemen Tinal said the stages of relaxation in Papua had ended on July 31.

"We will hold a joint meeting with the forkompinda and regional heads of 29 regencies / cities on 3 August. In the meeting, we will agree on what the implementation of Papua will be like during this epidemic," he said, Thursday (7/30).

Klemen said 28 regencies would later be allowed to carry out teaching and learning activities, worship activities in daily interactions, while still implementing health protocols.

"For Jayapura City, we must together with the community provide awareness, discipline and join hands over the corona virus," he said.

For this reason, the Papua Provincial Government plans to form Pemuda Anti Corona (PAC). Later, the PAC will help local governments pass the socialization of health protocols that are carried out up to the RT / RW level.

"We will invite all youths in Jayapura to make the community aware of discipline, because the key is in the community to prevent corona," he said.

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