219 Children of Papua Passed CPNS Selection

Mimika Regent Eltinus Omaleng revealed that there were 300 people who passed the selection of the 2018 Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS).

Previously, the Regent and his staff had joined a video conference with the Government of the Papua Province with the agenda of announcing the results of the 2018 CPNS selection.

The formations set are, 80 percent for Papuans and 20 percent for non-Papuans born and raised in Papua.

"It was 80-20. But thankfully, in Mimika we can get 79 percent for Papua, "said the Regent when interviewed at the Grand Mozza Hotel in Timika, Thursday (7/16).

The regent detailed, out of a total of 300 people, 219 were indigenous Papuans, while the remaining 81 were non-Papuans.

According to him, this result has fulfilled the wishes of many people who want that Papuans can be accommodated in receiving CPNS.

"Amungme Kamoro is 27 people," he said.

The Regent revealed that in the video conference there were four districts that had not yet been completed, so announcements could not be made today.

However, Puncak Regent, Willem Wandik, who was one of the regions whose processes had not yet been completed, agreed that other regions be announced first.

"The Regent of Puncak also agreed that if he had done it before, please announce it," said Eltinus.

For Mimika itself, it already has data that passed the selection, so that the announcement will be made by the Mimika Human Resources and Human Resources Development Agency (BKPSDM) through the media and posted on the BKPSDM Office.

"We must first announce that there is no need to wait for people, unless I have an objection," he said.

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