Wondama Has National Standard Health Center

Wondama Has National Standard Health Center

The Regent of Wondama Bay, Bernadus Imburi, said that the construction of the new building, the two-storey Wondiboi Community Health Center, was sourced from the Affirmative Allocation Fund (DAK) for the 2019 fiscal year.

"I am happy, since laying the first stone last year I see this as a sign of wonder (a miracle from God). We are looking at one small sign of wonder to another sign of the existence of this nice building, "said Imburi, as reported by Republika.co.id, Tuesday (06/30/2020).

The Regent hopes that with a good building, the spirit of devotion from all Wondiboi Community Health Center staff will increase so that the medical services received by the community will be better.

"This building is good, we also hope that medicine will be available well plus the contents will also be good but it will all work well if supported by all the ladies in white shirts (medical officers)," said the regent.

The number one Wondama also hopes that medical staff will always be friendly to patients by putting a smile on service.

"Love everyone with a smile. There is a lot of medicine but it gets angry so the weight measurement will go up, "said Imburi.

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