Welcoming New Normal, TNI-Polri Appeals to Pantai Cermin Community

Welcoming New Normal, TNI-Polri Appeals to Pantai Cermin Community

In welcoming New Normal to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Pantai Cermin Police Station together with the 08 / PC Koramil and Pantai Cermin Health Center held an appeal to the community in preventing Corona Virus.

Located in a traditional market, Pantai Cermin Kanan Village, Pantai Cermin District, Serdang Bedagai District, North Sumatra, Wednesday (06/17/2020).

The joint patrol activity was attended by Kapolsek Pantai Cermin AKP Teddi Napitupulu, Danramil 08 / PC Kapt. Arm T. Sinaga, Head of the Pantai Cermin District Health Center represented by Sri Linda, Kanit Binmas of the Cermin Beach IPDA C.E Pajaitan and personnel of the Pantai Cermin Police Station and 08 / PC Military Command.

On that occasion, AKP Teddi Napitupulu said that joint military / police appeals and joint health center patrols were routinely carried out in the Pantai Cermin District area, especially in public places, tourist attractions, markets which were a gathering place for the masses.

"We routinely conduct joint patrols with Puskesmas to give advice to the public to continue to comply with health protocols while carrying out activities as well as to encourage the implementation of New Normal by the government," said AKP Teddi

Teddi also invited Pantai Cermin community to wash their hands frequently, use masks and maintain physical distance to prevent Covid-19 transmission in Pantai Cermin District.

"Let's cultivate the routine of washing hands, using masks, and always maintaining physical distance in carrying New Normal," Teddi said

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