Versatile Docks Support the Bonggo Community's Economy

Versatile Docks Support the Bonggo Community's Economy

To realize love and support the economy of the Bonggo community, the Infantry Battalion Task Force (Satgas Yonif) 754 / ENK / 20/3 Kostrad built a multipurpose pier in Kaisau Village, North Bonggo District, Sarmi Regency, Papua.

Dansatgas Yonif 754 / ENK / 20/3 Kostrad, Lieutenant Colonel Dodi Nur Hidayat in a written statement said, the Task Force made the pier as a form of concern for the community in the Kampung Kaisau area.

The pier is not only used as a place to lean the ship, but also a new tourist attraction in Kampung Kaisau. The pier is also used for fishing by the surrounding community.

"The construction of the pier in the midst of the members' busyness in carrying out the assignment did not make Serka Mislan as Danpos Bonggo forget their main goal of helping the community as a form of their love," said Dansatgas, Friday (12/6).

David (32 years), one of the community members, expressed his pleasure and gratitude to the Task Force members who made the pier.

"This pier is very useful for us, not only for fishing but also becomes a new tourist destination in our village," he said.

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