TNI Attention Towards the Spread of Malaria in Papua

TNI Attention Towards the Spread of Malaria in Papua

Malaria has always been a threat to residents living in border areas, especially in the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border.

Malaria is a concern for the Sattas Pamtas Yonif 516 / CY. Even though it was under the scorching sun, it did not appear to be an obstacle for the Task Force under Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Radhi Rusin, S.I.P, to hold a foging in Tetop Village, Boven Digoel Regency, Papua.

"The secret of success is actually not difficult. Enough we want to work hard, and continue to do the best for others. Do not forget to always be grateful when carrying out duties and responsibilities, "explained Dansatgas Lt. Col. Inf Muhammad Radhi Rusin, Sunday, (6/21/2020).

Even then, the principle turned out to be a motivation for his soldiers. In fact, in carrying out their duties as the Satgas Pamtas, each of his soldiers began to try to continue to provide the best for the community, one of them through foging at this time.

"In this spraying, it involved five personnel. The house and several places of worship become the target location for this spraying foging, "said Danop Tetop, Letda Inf Eko Setyo Budi.

"The mosquito is very dangerous for the residents. Because, bites or stings from mosquitoes, can lead to residents affected by malaria, "he added.

In addition to foging, the personnel at the Tetop post also urged residents to prioritize clean and healthy lifestyles so that mosquitoes cannot breed.

"It can be started from draining the tub, and cleaning up any trash around the house," he pleaded.

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