The Socialization and Promotion of PON Papua is Still Done With the New Normal Protocol

The Socialization and Promotion of PON Papua is Still Done With the New Normal Protocol

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Zainudin Amali, conveyed the progress of the implementation of Papua 2021 PON XX. According to him, the socialization and promotion of the implementation of Papua PON XX were still carried out with the New Normal protocol.

"The venue for the Papua PON XX match will still be carried out by implementing the Covid-19 handling and prevention protocol," said Menpora Zainudin Amali in Jakarta, Saturday (6/6).

Likewise with the socialization and promotion of the implementation of the Papua PON XX, the Menpora also ensured that the Government continued to allocate budget support for the holding of the PON XX in Papua. And, the concentration of athlete training in the region can be carried out independently through virtual or based on the new protocol norms.

Zainudin stated the matters related to PON XX Papua when he was a guest speaker at the Sports Webinar event with the theme 'PON and Sports Achievements in the Covid Pandemic Era 19'.

The Menpora said the implementation of PON in Papua in October 2021 was in accordance with the Presidential Decree at a meeting in April with the mission of success in achievement, administration, economic empowerment, and administration. On several previous occasions, he also stated that the decision to postpone XX Papua PON in October 2021 was correct.

The Menpora explained the reasons for the October 2021 election as an option to postpone the XX National Sports Week (PON) and XVI National Paralympic Week (Peparnas) in Papua. The reason is because the government must adjust the implementation of PON and Peparnas with the national and international sports agenda which was also held in the same year.

Next year, Indonesia will host the U-20 World Cup. Indonesia will also hold a MotoGP at the Mandalika Circuit, West Nusa Tenggara.

Indonesia will also participate in a number of international events in 2021. There are ASEAN School Games, SEA Games Vietnam, Tokyo Olympics, and others.

It also coordinates with the Central-Regional KONI, sports branch administrators, and other policy makers. Thus, all parties agreed to move the PON schedule.

"The (organizing) time was in October, finally it was approved by the President and he decided in October. Because, after that there were SEA Games, MotoGP, and others," he concluded.

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