The Need for Food Security and Economic Empowerment of the Papua Sentani Community

The Need for Food Security and Economic Empowerment of the Papua Sentani Community

Tablasupa village has prepared an area of ​​approximately 30 hectares, to support the food security and community economic empowerment program that was launched by the Jayapura Regent some time ago.

To support the food security and economic empowerment program in Sentani, Tablasupa village has received a budget allocation of 100 million Rupiah taken from the 2020 village fund allocation.

"We have received a budget allocation from the local government of 100 million rupiah and this was received by a village in Jayapura Regency. For this reason, we are preparing a 30 hectare land to support the program, "Tablasupa Village Head Maurits Sorontou told reporters in Sentani, Monday (1/6).

He explained, at this time his side had begun work to work on the agricultural land owned by the tube, his side ensured, the commodity to be planted in an area of ​​30 hectares would later contain various types of commodities or local food plants.

It also requires all village communities to be involved in the process of cultivating the land through farmer groups that have been formed.

"In accordance with the directions or instructions, we must form as many as 10 farmer groups. So these groups will work on the land later, "he said.

Meanwhile 100 million funds will not be distributed to each group but will be distributed in the form of nurseries, then from the funds will also be used to finance all activities during the management of agricultural land.

"All we do is in accordance with the instructions and technical that have been issued by the government through the Village Community Empowerment Service," he said.

He added, to realize the food security program through gardening, the local village government directly oversees every process of activities from the initial land provision, planting and maintenance until the harvest time later.

He hopes that with the food security program that has been launched by the Jayapura Regent it can revive the economy of the Kampung community and of course meet food reserves at the village level.

"If we are here, our livelihoods are at sea, but due to the Corona virus, we cannot be maximized at sea because of the lack of fish buyers," he added.

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