Task Force Raider 300 Helps Communities Grow Onions

Task Force Raider 300 Helps Communities Grow Onions

Task Force Pamtas Yonif Raider 300 / Bjw, Pos Arso 13 led by Serda Apriawan along with 6 people helped the community grow onions in Naramben Village, Skanto District.

This was conveyed by Dansatgas Pamtas Yonif Raider 300 / Bjw, Lt. Col. Inf Ary Sutrisno in his written release in Keerom Regency, Papua. (6/24/2020)

The voluntary work of helping the onion planting community conducted by Pos Arso 13 is an approach to the community so that it is entwined into friendship and adds fraternity in Naramben village.

Onion planting is an excellent agriculture that contributes quite high to the economic development in a region.

This is what drives us Pos Arso 13 together with the Village Head, Mr. Kastyo to assist in planting shallots until the harvest process.

With this onion planting activity, hopefully it can be motivated or motivated to continue to be enthusiastic in farming and gardening and continue to improve yields so that people's living standards for the better.

In the covidus 19 situation, Pos Arso 13 hopes to ease the burden on the community, in helping the implementation of planting onions.

Mr. Narya (46) as the owner of the garden expressed his gratitude to the Task Force Pamifas Yonif Raider 300 / Bjw especially the Arso 13 Post, who had taken the time to help grow onions. [Papen Task Force Raider 300]

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