Places of Worship Must Follow Health Protocol

Places of Worship Must Follow Health Protocol

Boven Digoel Police Chief AKBP Syamsurijal said that places of worship must follow health protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Boven Digoel Regency, Papua.

"If places of worship are opened later, then we must follow the health protocol when carrying out worship," he said in Jayapura City on Monday.

This statement was conveyed by AKBP Syamsurijal in the meeting of the formulation of a joint agreement to open a place of worship in Tanah Merah, Boven Digoel Regency which was attended by the Deputy Regent of Boven Digoel, Chair of the DPRD, Head of the Department of Religion, Head of the Department of Health, Dandim 1711 / BVD, religious and traditional leaders .

"In the relaxation given by the Governor of Papua related to the opening of places of worship, districts are invited to make a joint decision. I remind that health protocol is prioritized," he said.

He acknowledged that this was new for all parties, but must be done to prevent or reduce the spread of the corona virus.

"This will become a new habit and therefore it is necessary to continue to provide education and also appeal to the community to continue to follow the health protocol during worship," he said.

Of course, he said, it must be based on a joint decision that the place of worship that will be opened later is a place of worship in the area of ​​the green zone category.

"Which means there are no positive patients in the area around the place of worship," he said.

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