PCR in West Papua Province Hospital Immediately Implemented

PCR in West Papua Province Hospital Immediately Implemented

Corona virus detection devices with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology in the regional general hospital (RSUD) of West Papua Province will soon be operated.

West Papua Provincial Spokesperson for handling COVID-19, Arnoldus Tiniap in Manokwari said that the container containing the PCR had arrived at Manokwari port and would soon be dismantled and taken to the Manokwari Regional Hospital.

"We have also dispatched three analysts and one doctor to undergo training in Makassar. Those who will later operate the device," said Arnold.

The training will last for 5 to seven days at the Makassar Health Laboratory. It is hoped that next week they will return to Manokwari and operate the PCR.

Quarantine health facilities in West Papua Province Hospital have treated as many as eight positive citizens of COVID-19. Of the eight people, six of them have recovered and were discharged.

And it is known that currently there are two positive people and one person in monitoring (ODP) who was quarantined at the hospital.

"This ODP is a handyman who has been working on the construction of a hospital. Some time ago there were about 20 masons willing to return to their hometown in Java, before returning home we did a rapid test and one showed the results of the reaction so we quarantined," he said.

As with the other six patients, Arnold hopes that the two positive patients currently in the hospital can recover and return to their families.

He said that of the eight positive COVID -19 people in Manokwari, only one was from the PDP group, the rest were from OTG, including two positive patients currently available.

"The ones from this OTG are they don't experience symptoms and their health condition is quite good. Thus the potential for recovery is huge," he concluded.

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