Passenger Vessels in Papua Province Reopened

Passenger Vessels in Papua Province Reopened

The Port III Management Unit (UPP) of Class III Pomako Timika, Papua made various preparations and anticipations regarding the immediate resumption of the cruise ship passenger ship PT Pelni (Persero) in its territory.

KUPP Pomako, Husni Anwar Tinota, in Timika said that his staff fully supports the reopening of Pelni passenger ship voyages at the Port of Pomako so that citizens who want to travel outside the region or who come from other regions can be served.

"In principle, we fully support the resumption of Pelni shipping at the Port of Pomako in Timika. "Of course we will continue to coordinate with the Pelni Timika Branch and the Pomako Port Police Sector how to design a health protocol that will be applied to both passengers who want to get off the ship and who will depart by ship," Husni said, Saturday (06/13/2020) .

He acknowledged that service for Pelni ship passengers at the Port of Pomako, Timika, Papua has yet to be maximized because the passenger terminal building is still damaged and is inadequate.

Despite facing the situation and condition, he said, the passengers who want to depart and those who descend from the ship will still be arranged as well as possible to maintain physical distance and social distance, not crowding, using masks to avoid exposure to the corona virus.

"Later, all passengers who want to get off the ship or who will board the ship will be checked, including checking their body temperature conditions. As far as possible we will also provide a place to wash hands, "he explained.

Until now the Pelni Timika Branch is still waiting for the cruise ship passenger schedule to Port Pomako Timika Papua.

Husni hopes that Pelni has begun to socialize all the requirements that must be met by prospective passengers who want to depart using Pelni shipping services such as travel recommendations and are free of COVID-19 and others.

The Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi, he said, had instructed that Pelni ship passengers only need to take care of the COVID-19 free certificate as evidenced by the results of the rapid test (rapid test), not the results of the PCR examination.

Related to this, Husni requested the wisdom of the Mimika Regency Government through the COVID-19 Task Force for the Acceleration of Control in order to consider the validity period of the COVID-19-free certificate as a result of the rapid inspection which was only valid for one week.

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