Papuan People Must Be Ready If New Normal Is Implemented

Papuan People Must Be Ready If New Normal Is Implemented

Chairman of the Papua Parliamentary Joint Building Faction, Agus Kogoya, hopes the community will prepare themselves to live a new normal life in the midst of the current Covid-19 epidemic. The statement was said by Agus Kogoya via telephone call, Sunday (05/31/2020).

He said, one day the new normal policy of the central government will be enforced in Papua. When it was implemented in the easternmost province of Indonesia, the community must continue to implement the health protocol.

At a minimum use a mask, diligently wash hands, maintain personal hygiene and the environment, keep a distance or avoid crowding in a long time, to reduce or break the chain of transmission of Covid-19.

Even so, Kogoya assessed that up to now Papua in general has not been able to implement new normal in the near future, because the number of Covid-19 cases in Papua is still increasing.

"I think we should focus on handling Covid-19 in Papua first. Let alone talking about New Normal, or the so-called new life habits, "said Agus Kogoya.

17 districts in Papua and 5 districts in West Papua are permitted new normal. Provincial and district / city governments in Papua must focus on handling Covid-19 properly, to reduce the number of cases.

In addition, the government must properly regulate the distribution of social assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic, one of which pays attention to institutions that provide boarding education, or foster institutions for orphans and neglected children in Papua Province.

Meanwhile, Deputy Governor of Papua, Klemen Tinal said the Papua Provincial Government predicts that it will only be able to implement the new normal in the coming July 2020.

According to Klemen Tinal, the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Bumi Cenderawasih is expected to occur in June 2020. In that situation the condition of Papua has not yet allowed the implementation of new normal.

"Papua will only be normal in July 2020, because in June 2020 we will reach the highest point. If indeed we are disciplined, with the hope that in early July [2020] the curves will start to fall. When the curves start to fall, then we apply the new normal, "Klemen Tinal said last week.

In the near future the Papua Provincial Government together with the Papua Province regional communication forum leaders and regents / mayors throughout Papua will hold a meeting. Equating perceptions related to the implementation of new normal policies by the central government.

However, even if there are regents or mayors in Papua who want to impose a new normal, the Papua Provincial Government does not make a difference.

However, local governments in Papua who want to impose new normal must comply with health protocols established by the World Health Agency and the Minister of Health's Decree.

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