Papuan Democrats Distribute Working Tools for Farmers and Fishermen Groups

Papuan Democrats Distribute Working Tools for Farmers and Fishermen Groups

The Regional Leadership Council (DPD) of the Democratic Province of Papua Province distributed aid in the form of a set of working tools for residents, especially farmers and fishermen groups at three points in Jayapura Regency, Papua Province, Monday (22/06/2020).

The three points are each farmer group RW 03 / RT 03 Mulia and RT Weri, Sabron Sari Village, West Sentani District.

Then the farmer group Kali Ular Village, Doyo Baru Village, Waibu District and fishermen groups in Yobeh Village, Sentani District.

According to Usman, his party distributed aid to a set of working tools for residents in Jayapura district, Jayapura city and Keerom. "We have distributed some of them and some we will distribute in the next few days," he said.

The working tools were distributed to each group of 5 scopes, 5 machetes, 5 sickles, 5 crowbars, 5 pekuel, 2 hoes, 2 packages of corn seeds, 5 packages of chicory and 5 packs of small chili.

As for the fishing group 8 nets, 8 cool boxes and 1 net.

The distribution of aid for a set of working tools for groups of farmers and fishermen was symbolically handed over by the Deputy Chairman of the Papua Province Democratic Party DPD Usman G. Wanimbo, SE, MSi, representing the Chairman of the Papua Democratic Party DPD Lukas Enembe, SIP, MH, accompanied by the board of the DPD Democratic Party of the Papua Province , the board of the Jayapura Regency Democratic Party DPC, Tolikara Regency Democratic Party DPC board, Jayapura Regency DPRD member and Tolikara Regency DPRD member.

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