Papua Police Chief Gives Basic Food Aid to Middle Mamberamo Students

Papua Police Chief Gives Basic Food Aid to Middle Mamberamo Students

Located in Central Mamberamo Dormitory, Heram District, Jayapura City, a symbolic distribution of relief packages was carried out by the Papua Police Chief together with The Spirit of Papua Command Post, Thursday (6/25).

In his activities the Papua Police Chief was accompanied by the Head of the Papua Police Public Relations Drs Ahmad Mustofa Kamal, Expert Staff of the Indonesian Presidency in Papua, Representatives of the National Commission on Human Rights in Papua, Abepura Police Chief, along with The Spirit of Papua Command Post.

On the occasion the Papua Police Chief said that the assistance provided by The Spirit Of Papua Command Post was received from donors in Papua and outside Papua, and the assistance had been distributed to Sarmi District.

"We prioritize this assistance in the La Pago and Mee Pago regions and other regions, I also hope that we will be pro-active for the assistance received, including from the government. Youth of The Spirit of Papua Command Post are also used in the Provincial Disperindag Prov. Papua, if the ade-ade wants to join the social service are welcome so they can know the condition of the community during the Covid - 19 pandemic, "Asked the Papua Police Chief.

The Papua Police Chief ordered the Abepura Police Chief to continue visiting the dormitory to receive complaints and good thoughts from students so that the Police could help.

"This PON is a good time to learn to realize talent in organizations / relationships, therefore take the good side, Tomorrow I will channel the aid of the Net and volleyball," said the Papua Police Chief.

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