Papua KPID Appreciates the Performance of the Government, TNI-Polri, MRP and Papua Parliament in Handling COVID-19

Papua KPID Appreciates the Performance of the Government, TNI-Polri, MRP and Papua Parliament in Handling COVID-19

The Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPID) of the Papua Province gives appreciation for the work of the Government of the Papua Province, the TNI-Polri and the Papuan Parliament and the Papuan People's Assembly in handling the prevention of the Covid-19 virus prevention which has been the focus of all parties.

"The impact of the Covid-19 storm was very strong, but the attitude of the Papua Province Covid Task Force Team was very good and continued to work, so that the community could continue to monitor developments and take part in preventing joint actions, including the KPID Papua also supporting the invitation to all broadcasters and create ad spots, so that the community will not stop inviting people together to prevent the virus, "he said, Tuesday, June 9, 2020.

It is said, this treatment has not ended, so that people do not fall asleep with new normal or whatever the term is, but still follow the government's recommendations and implement all health protocols, so we really prevent them together.

"I, on behalf of the Papua KPID Institution, also give appreciation to the Papua Provincial Government and the Papua Parliament and the MRP and Forkopimda who now encourage Perdasi related to handling non-natural disasters," he explained.

As the Papua Provincial Government together with the Papuan Parliament agreed to encourage the discussion of the Provincial Regulation (Raperdasi) on Non-Natural Disaster Management, which is expected to be completed within the next two weeks.

"The draft is expected to be a standard rule or guideline for the Papua Provincial Government together with regencies and cities in tackling the spread of virus (disease) infection with global spread, such as Covid-19," Eveerth Joumilena, at Swisbell Hotel Jayapura, said Wednesday (5/20) 2020) then.

He added, of course, this regulation meant that there was already a Non-Natural Disaster Management Perdasi, in the event of a pandemic such as Covid-19, the Province of Papua already had standard rules regarding its mitigation efforts.

He invited, to our community together to support health protocol policy and various time limitation appeals which are still being implemented, so that we really avoid this epidemic together.

For the return of the people of Saireri, Bomberay and Domberai and Meepago, which is now being handled by Papuan DPR member Boy Markus Dawir and Chair of the Committee, Yonas Nussy along with a number of teams, of course good things must be supported by all parties.

Including television and radio broadcasting institutions can back up this information, so that the public can witness together the return of citizens and the health protocol procedures that are passed as a condition to return to their area of ​​origin.

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