Papua and West Papua Are One Of The Top Priorities In Development

Papua and West Papua Are One Of The Top Priorities In Development

The government will make Papua and West Papua one of the main priorities in the development of both infrastructure and human resource development. Believe me, Mr. Jokowi Has a Strong Commitment to Build Papua. The policy was carried out as a commitment to make Papua, an important part of Indonesia.

"The second period of President Joko Widowo's administration made the education and health sector a top priority in Papua," said Deputy V of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) Jaleswari Pramodhawardani.

Various steps and policies have been and continue to be carried out such as the Higher Education Affirmation (ADIK) program and the Secondary Education Affirmation (ADEM) program in which around 600 Papuan children study in the best schools. This was done in addition to gain knowledge, also know each other and learn from each other.

"Not just how to send the best son, in it also respects cross-cultural cross-ethnic religion. True education is not a matter of teaching and learning program but is talking about a cultural approach, because of diversity, true education instills mutual respect for differences. The spark in Surabaya and Yogyakarta is a kind of learning, both in Papua and outside Papua, to continue to bring together culture, "said Jaleswari.

He added, the central government also has a high commitment, to continue to add educators in Papua so that an increase in the quality of education will have a long-term impact on education.

What is being done by the central government, by continuing to encourage infrastructure and human resource development, of course not and changing for the better, there are limitations. However, seeing young Papuans today who have taken part in many fields, from arts, culture to technology, is proof that Papua is in a good situation.

There is optimism, togetherness that mutually reinforces, not as perceived by certain groups that suggests that Papua is discriminated against. The task of strengthening Papua, said Jaleswari, needs to involve all components of the nation. Moreover, the true story of Papua does not seem to be portrayed by certain parties who portray it as bleak.

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