Pancasila Adhesives in Diversity and Diversity in Ethnic, Religious, Racial and Intergroup Groups

Pancasila Adhesives in Diversity and Diversity in Ethnic, Religious, Racial and Intergroup Groups

Papuan figure, Dr. H Toni Wanggai considered that Pancasila is the glue of the Indonesian people in the diversity and diversity of tribes, religions, races and intergroups, so that as a child of the Indonesian people must be grateful, maintain and apply in social life.

"For this reason, we as children of the Indonesian people must be grateful for the existence of Pancasila as a philosophy of life and also as the basis of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. Moreover, June 1 has been designated as the birth day of Pancasila," said Toni who is also a member of the Papuan People's Assembly.

He asserted, Pancasila was able to unite diversity, diversity of hundreds of ethnic groups, groups, religions, both celestial or recognized religions and local religions in Indonesia, even within the archipelago being able to unite differences.

"It has been proven that up to 75 years the Indonesian people have continued to triumph and have a great presence with Pancasila. When compared to other countries, even though they are only one religion, for example, in the Middle East or Europe, but if they have different streams, they will fight each other, which will not end and it was not resolved because they had not yet found a state ideology, "he said comparing.

While Pancasila in Indonesia has become a final state ideology and cannot be replaced, because it has been tested and agreed upon by the founding father of Soekarno and all national figures as well as interfaith leaders.

"Because the values ​​of the Pancasila are not contradictory, but contain the universal values ​​of all recognized religions namely the Almighty God, then we respect humanity, we maintain brotherhood even though different and remain united, we love the country and in solving problems by always consenting and in accordance with the cultural traditions of our nation and we are based on upholding social justice for all Indonesian people, "he said.

"So I think, Pancasila is a very valuable asset, it is our basic capital in the state. Therefore, we are obliged to maintain and preserve the values ​​of Pancasila in our daily lives, in the life of the nation and state," he added.

The Chairperson of the Papua Province's NU PW also believes that the ideology of the Pancasila of the Indonesian nation could be a pilot project, a model of how to live as a nation and nation.

"Pancasila can inspire our lives to other nations. Remarkably, the integration between religion and culture as outlined in Pancasila for the life of this country. So our commitment is how to maintain and apply in our lives and be maintained at all times," he said.

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