Noken sellers get help from the Papua Regional Police

Noken sellers get help from the Papua Regional Police

A total of 15 representatives of noken sellers or knitted bags in the Central Market of Hamadi, Hamadi Village, South Jayapura District, Jayapura City, Papua, Friday afternoon, received groceries from the Economic Subit II of the Papua Regional Police Intelligence Directorate.

Basic food assistance provided to small businesses, namely women making and selling noken in Hamadi Central Market and its surroundings as a form of concern for the Papua Regional Police in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as coaching forms for noken makers.

He mentioned the food that was given to the Papuan mothers of the noken maker, including 10 kg of rice, one carton of instant noodles, sugar, tea leaves and cooking oil in the hope of helping the family economy amid the corona pandemic.

In addition to providing basic food assistance, said the former Head of the Jayapura Jayapura City Police Headquarters, noken makers were also invited to follow the government's recommendations regarding health protocols to welcome the new normal policies that have been echoed by the government.

"We also say that noken sellers do not forget to apply health protocols, wash their hands after their activities, wear masks, keep their distance, and when selling do not gather," he said.

As a form of attention, Commissioner Laurens who had served in Paniai Regional Police ordered 30 Noken motifs from the Red and White flag with the words I Love Papua to the noken makers.

"We also ordered them to make 30 pieces of noken with red and white motifs saying I Love Papua. This is a form of our concern in preserving noken and supporting their family's economy which only depends on knitting noken," Kompol Laurens said.

Meanwhile, Mama Bertha Tekege, one of the 15 representatives of noken-making mothers who received basic food assistance, expressed their gratitude to the Papua Regional Police, in this case the Directorate of Intelligence.

"Thank you to the fathers from the Papua Regional Police who have come to see and help us, this is the first time we have received groceries, may God bless you in your work," said Bertha Tekege.

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